Saturday, February 2, 2013

Image Transfer On Clay - Tutorial

I love trying new things, so when the lovely Jennifer from Wee Munchkin Photography asked if  I could put her business logo onto a tag recently I took up the challenge to find a way without having to make an expensive custom stamp.

There are quite a few tutorials on the internet for image transfers onto clay, some of them quite involved  but I distilled a few of the ideas into something that made sense to me.  The result was quite pleasing for my first go and I'm keen to try some other methods.

First I had to change the logo into a black line master on my computer (I use Gimp a free software download).  The original logo is a gold colour which transferred only faintly onto the tag.

When I was happy with the look and size of the logo I printed it onto some 'Make your own Tattoo'  paper I had from a previous project (I bought mine on Ebay) I also skipped the 'add protective sheet' part of the Tattoo paper instructions.  Many tutorials say to use T Shirt transfer paper and then bake it.  Since I use air dry clay and don't fire or bake it I felt this COLD approach would work better.

After conditioning and rolling out the clay I then placed the transfer 'face down' on the surface.  Using a wet paper towel I dabbed the back gently, making sure there was good contact between transfer and clay. It's important not to over wet or drag against the image too much by wiping.  Once transfer is in place peel off the backing paper gently.

Next step is to cut out using a 4 cm cookie cutter (or whatever size you decide), make a small hole in the top with a wooden skewer and allow to dry.  Once the tags are dried they can be sanded - NOT ON THE IMAGE - and then painted with a clear gloss sealer I use Jo Sonja's Gloss Varnish (water based).

For more inspiration check out Ceramic Arts Daily

I'm excited to play around with these new methods and to be able put something a little more detailed onto the clay like a photo.    I have so many idea's of what I could do with this technique so don't be surprised if you see it popping up in my Madeit store.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

With this ring - A new line in my store inspired by Weddings!

Classic style black and white wedding

I have 3 friends getting married this far.  I've been frantically searching on ebay for an outfit for one in April and  found a few Anthropologie beauties that I would love to wear but I'm nervous in case the post from the States is delayed ( I waited 7 weeks for my last U.S. parcel to arrive).

Weddings are such personal affairs and all 3 girls are approaching their weddings in vastly different ways, from the I refuse to be pressured by the commercialised wedding industry and doing it completely homemade and hands on, to I want a big fairytale wedding.

My husband and I paid for our own wedding, I had my dresses made, we hired suits we borrowed a friends car, another friend made the cake and another friend did our photos (we were his 1st wedding)  Our reception was largish (100) but we had it in the local pub down the road.  It wasn't magazine worthy  and it was the eighties (need I say more) but it is still one of the best days of my life.

Thanks to Pinterest we can visually shop and plan and be inspired by the thousands of beautiful wedding themes and pictures..  I helped one friend set up her Pinterest account just for the wedding!!  But at the end of the day it's still just 2 people saying I'll love you forever until death do us part (yes, I had traditional vows) and that's all that really matters.

This week inspired by weddings I created a new line of Wedding Ring Keepers and Ring Dishes.

I would love to hear your wedding stories.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love, Hearts and Valentines

February -  the month of LOVE and with Valentines Day looming there are hearts aplenty fluttering through the craft world on Etsy and Madeit.'s a LEAP year so ladies choice!  Is there a special someone that your thinking of popping the question to??  (Oh please do tell)

Sitting at my desk I noticed I have quite a few love-inspired/themed bits and bobs and I'm not really a lovey dovey type of person but I AM a sucker for a true romance and I will weep a bit over true love - think Princess Bride and Notebook (no! don't think too hard about Notebook.. *tears forming).

Here's a few items from my craft space that are LOVE inspired/themed...

Ok from left to right starting at the top.

Heart Pin Cushion - One of my 1st attempts at hand sewing (no laughing!).  I made this for my 1st sewing kit, a fabric drawstring bag which I also still use.  Both are about 30 years old, not well made and starting to fray but I love the memories attached to them, they represent my journey into the craft world and all that I love about it.

Embossed heart tags -  repurposed vintage book pages + repurposed paint chips.  I use these a lot as gift tags and there are always some in my desk.

Fimo anatomical heart - I used up some fimo making anatomical bits for a assemblage piece I planned but haven't made yet. This, a few eyeballs and a hand are still on my desk (creepy much).

These are a couple of wedding snaps sent by a lovely customer who ordered a custom made vintage Pride and Prejudice journal to use as her wedding guest book... This makes me happy!

One of my new ideas for 2012 a heart shaped ring dish - this sits on my desk and holds my rings atm. :)

Ok this last one is a bit schmaltzy, but this little guy was part of a valentines gift (jewellery) given to me by my husband a few years ago.  He sits on my bookcase and reminds me that I am surrounded by love.  

My one and only true love is the man I married 29 years ago he is still my valentine, not the mushy, commercialised, sentimentality we are fed but the gutsy and real and enduring kind.  Love that grows through all the bitter and the sweet, and amazingly he still thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world, even after 4 kids and  20 extra kilos.  Yep I'm bragging but it's the month of love and I'm allowed.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh look a new blog.....and it has a giveaway!

Hello and welcome to Red Punch Buggy!  To celebrate this awesome occasion (that I finally got off my butt and made this blog).  I'm kicking off with a little giveaway, it's kind of my version of a 'welcome to the neighborhood casserole'.  

First of all let me say thanks to Leelou Blog for the sweet background and social media buttons, there are many lovely lovely designs on this page so go and check her out,  oh and did I mention they are free!
I would also like to thank my lovely fans over on my facebook page for your support of my little shop  of handmade goodies coincidently also called Red Punch Buggy.  I've enjoyed a very relaxed start to this business, starting with my journals from recycled vintage books and slowly expanding into homewares and jewellery but now it's time to get a little more intentional....well at least until uni starts back again lol!  So here it is my first giveaway.......ta dah!   It's easy to enter and there will be not 1 but 3 LUCKY WINNERS.... So here's how to win

Reach 200 likers on my Facebook Page
thats only 42 more

  • Go like my FB page then come back and leave a comment... don't forget to leave you email addy
  • If you already are a liker share this comp on your wall then come back and leave a comment
  • If you would also like to follow my blog you can have an extra entry but don't forget to leave a comment :).
Once the page reaches 200 likers the comp will stop and I will pick or should I say have random .org pick 3 lucky winners for me.   So what do you WIN???

Your choice of either a set of my air dry clay hearts (4) lace or butterfly design or the sweet little clay ring dish with a tree of life embossing.  Your can leave your choice in the comment.

Win either Ring dish or Lace Tags or Butterfly Tags 
Good luck everyone!