Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love, Hearts and Valentines

February -  the month of LOVE and with Valentines Day looming there are hearts aplenty fluttering through the craft world on Etsy and Madeit.'s a LEAP year so ladies choice!  Is there a special someone that your thinking of popping the question to??  (Oh please do tell)

Sitting at my desk I noticed I have quite a few love-inspired/themed bits and bobs and I'm not really a lovey dovey type of person but I AM a sucker for a true romance and I will weep a bit over true love - think Princess Bride and Notebook (no! don't think too hard about Notebook.. *tears forming).

Here's a few items from my craft space that are LOVE inspired/themed...

Ok from left to right starting at the top.

Heart Pin Cushion - One of my 1st attempts at hand sewing (no laughing!).  I made this for my 1st sewing kit, a fabric drawstring bag which I also still use.  Both are about 30 years old, not well made and starting to fray but I love the memories attached to them, they represent my journey into the craft world and all that I love about it.

Embossed heart tags -  repurposed vintage book pages + repurposed paint chips.  I use these a lot as gift tags and there are always some in my desk.

Fimo anatomical heart - I used up some fimo making anatomical bits for a assemblage piece I planned but haven't made yet. This, a few eyeballs and a hand are still on my desk (creepy much).

These are a couple of wedding snaps sent by a lovely customer who ordered a custom made vintage Pride and Prejudice journal to use as her wedding guest book... This makes me happy!

One of my new ideas for 2012 a heart shaped ring dish - this sits on my desk and holds my rings atm. :)

Ok this last one is a bit schmaltzy, but this little guy was part of a valentines gift (jewellery) given to me by my husband a few years ago.  He sits on my bookcase and reminds me that I am surrounded by love.  

My one and only true love is the man I married 29 years ago he is still my valentine, not the mushy, commercialised, sentimentality we are fed but the gutsy and real and enduring kind.  Love that grows through all the bitter and the sweet, and amazingly he still thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world, even after 4 kids and  20 extra kilos.  Yep I'm bragging but it's the month of love and I'm allowed.

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